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Prior to documenting a brand name application, a  advocate for trademark should track down potential with existing brand name applications and ,surprisingly, enlisted brand names. A brand name search should be possible by giving the word mark and the class under which the examination is led.

Trademark impacts your business.

Conducting a Trademark search

A list of prohibited marks is provided so that an individual can check whether the brand name or the Trademark registration services in Jaipur, contact our trademark consultants in Jaipur, falls under such banned characters.

Make Business User-Friendly.

Under the Vienna code classification, if the brand name has a logo, then a trademark search gives you the information and details of similar brand names.

Power in Packaging.

It is essential to conduct a Trademark search to register the applicants’ trademark or brand mark logo under the Trademark Act. In case a similar Trademark exists in the registry of Trademarks, the name can be altered, or an individual can select a new name.

Benefits of Trademark

Trademark is a protected innovation and like some other resource, the proprietor of a Trademark has the option to sell, permit or move the claimed licensed innovation. Such an exchange can be settled on through Trademark Assignment Agreement or through Licensing.


Get your trademark's value

Brand creation involves a lot of money, time and hard work. With the assignment of Trademark in India, the trademark owner(s) can encash the value of a brand which until now existed only on papers.

Assignment Agreement is Valid Proof

In case of any trademark-related dispute, the legal rights of the assignee would easily be established through the trademark assignment agreement. The Registry ensures that all the checks are in place by examining the validity of all the clauses mentioned in the agreement and publishing the assignment in the Trade Marks Journal.

Pre-established brand name

The assignee has the advantage of dealing in an already existing and established a brand name. The time, efforts and investment for creating brand value are saved for the assignee.

Expansion of business

In the case of licensing, the assignor’s business increases as more vendors join to contribute in brand building. The brand value will propel with the combined efforts of assignor and assignee.


Search Procedure


Select Wordmark as the Search type at the top of the page

Research Srategy

Enter the wordmark you would like to search on the trademark database.


The trademark database can be compared against the search query with three conditions- ‘start with,’ ‘contains’ and ‘match with.’


The class of the Trademark that is applicable should be entered.


Trademarks are divided into 45 classes wherein each class represents a distinct group of goods and services. A registered trademark or trademark application will only be pertinent to the class under which it is applied for

Delivery & Support

With the final step, you can click on search to begin the Trademark search.

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