Sale Deed Registration in Jaipur

What is a Sale Deed?

The process of sale deed registration is a pivotal step in the realm of real estate transactions, providing legal validity to property transfers. In the vibrant city of Jaipur, this process has been significantly streamlined and modernized with the introduction of Vypar suraksha. Sale deed registration in Jaipur is a legal obligation that safeguards the interests of both property buyers and sellers. We offers Registry lawyer in Jaipur throughout the registration process, helping users minimize errors in documentation and information submission. Deed registration in Jaipur helps in preventing fraud and disputes related to property transactions, ensuring transparency and authenticity.


What Are Steps A Buyer Needs To Be Taken For Purchasing/Registering A Property?

  1. To check for any encumbrances with respect to the property such as any legal encumbrances or pending litigation with respect to the property title; to identify any mortgage that has not been paid off;
  2. to check the classification of property from the Government records along with other important records to locate the property against the adjoining land; to check any change in relation between parties whose name appearing in title through marriage, divorce, etc.;
  3. to check any change in ownership due to estate filing, transfer of property, death etc.;
  4. to check historical account in case of chain of title deeds through a procedure under which the property has been transferred/acquired by recent owner;
  5. to get NOC (Non Objection Certificate) from co-owners in case of joint property.etc.
  6. to go for valuation of the property. Property/land Valuation is the process of developing an opinion about market value of the real estate property.
  7. Once all is done now to draft and finalize the Sale Deed by Attorney. Buyer needs to be very careful while drafting a Deed, so it needs to be drafted by a good attorney. It needs to be signed by both the parties in presence of witness.
  8. Buyer has to pay the stamp duty at respective office. The charges of stamp duty vary from state to state but usually around 4-5% of true market value of the property.
  9. Next step is execution of final deed at the office of Sub-Registrar. It requires presence of seller, buyer and 2 witnesses during the procedure.

Sale Deed Documents Required for Property Registration

After making sure that your Gift Deed is signed & attested by witnesses, you have to pay the stamp duty and registration charges as per your state regulations. You need to carry a few other documents like :


Sale Deed (original)

The original Sale Deed document, which is the agreement between the buyer and the seller, is the primary document required for registration. It should be signed by the buyer and seller.


Identity proof of the buyer and seller

Valid identification documents such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, voter ID card, or driver’s license are required to establish the identities of the buyer and seller.


Address proof of the buyer and seller

Documents like Aadhaar card, utility bills, or bank statements showing the residential address of the buyer and seller are needed as proof of address.


Passport-sized photographs

Recent passport-sized photographs of the buyer and seller are required for the registration process.


Proof of ownership of the property

Documents proving the ownership of the property, such as the previous Sale Deed, title documents, or possession certificate, should be submitted.


Property tax receipts

Receipts or documents showing the payment of property taxes up to the date of the Sale Deed registration should be provided.


No Objection Certificate (NOC

If the property is part of a housing society or governed by any other authority, an NOC stating that there are no pending dues or objections against the property needs to be obtained.


Building plan approval documents

In case the property is constructed, copies of the approved building plan, completion certificate, or occupancy certificate may be required to establish compliance with local building regulations.

What is the process of executing a sale deed

Prepare the Sale Deed document with all necessary details

Review and verify the document for accuracy and compliance with applicable laws

Pay the required stamp duty, which is a tax based on the property value or transaction value.

Sign the Sale Deed in the presence of witnesses, ensuring all parties involved sign on all pages.

Register the Sale Deed at the local Sub-Registrar’s office, where the property is located.

Submit the Sale Deed along with supporting documents, such as proof of identity, address, and property ownership.

Why To Get Sale Deed Drafted And Registered Through Vyapar Suraksha?

Vypar Suraksha aims to simplify the process of sale registration in Jaipur, making it easier for businesses to comply with legal requirements and manage their transactions seamlessly. Sale registration provides transparency in transactions, which is essential for building trust with customers, suppliers, and authorities. We provides property registration lawyer in Jaipur for step-by-step guidance throughout the registration process, helping users minimize errors in documentation and information submission. Vypar Suraksha ensures a secure and hassle-free property registration in Jaipur process, contributing to the growth and development of Jaipur’s real estate sector.