What is Provisional Patent Application?

The patent is an elite legitimate right of the patentee that awards him the lawful power to restrict others from making or utilizing a protected innovation. A temporary application is a concise summary revealing the pith and the idea of the creation. The fundamental application can be recorded prior to documenting the total determination. It clarifies the patent in a word yet not totally. Documenting a temporary patent is exceptionally valuable for creators as it locks the need date and gets the development so no other person can guarantee authority over it.

Documents for filing a Permanent Patent

Applicants Information

Name, address, contact details and nationality of each applicant for the patent.

Description of the Invention

Detailed description of the invention and details about what the patentee wants to claim out of the invention

Technical aspects of the invention

Technical details about the invention and drawings along with copy of Provisional patent (if filed)

Benefits of Provisional Patent

Filing a provisional patent is very useful for inventors as it locks the priority date and secures the invention so that no one else can claim authority over it.


Establishes Priority Rights

Filing a provisional patent enables the applicant to secure a priority date for his patent and thus refraining any other individual from filing such a similar patent.

Gauge the Worth of Invention

Filing a provisional application is a simpler and affordable step for initial patent protection. The inventor gets 12 months’ time before filing the complete specification which is referred to as complete patent in the common parlance.

Buys Time to make required changes

A provisional patent gives the inventor time to work on the invention and brush up on its utility, novelty, and the inventive factor until it is finalized as per the established standards. A period of 12 months is given to file the final patent draft called a complete specification.

Monetary Returns

The patent is a great asset and can extract way bigger monetary benefits than any other intellectual property if managed intelligently. The owner can license, assign, or sell its patent whenever needed. Many pharmaceutical companies have made great profits through their patented products through licensing, assigning, etc.

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Suppose the application mentions registering the design in more than one class, then each class of Registration must have a separate application.


A disclaimer or novelty statement should be attached to each representation concerning the mechanical processes, trademark number, letters.

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