What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright enlistment in India gives financial freedoms and advantages to the first makers of writing, craftsmanship, music, sound accounts, cinematographed movies and broadcasts. This empowers the makers to bring in cash from their creation by making duplicates, acting openly, communicating, and giving its duplicates to the general population for different other internet based employments. Copyright is consequently made exactly when maker makes something. Yet, the demonstration of copyright enlistment in India is significant as it gives the maker a legitimate right in open with the goal that others can’t take advantage of the maker’s work. Our lawyers for copyright will help you to save your work against copy so that nobody can copy your work

Copyright Registration Documentation

Details of the applicant

Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant (Certificate of Registration must be provided for a body corporate)

Nature of interest

Nature of the Applicant’s Interest in the Copyright i.e. if the applicant is the original creator or a representative of the creator

Details about the work

i.e. Type & Description of the Work, Title of the Work or URL Language of the Work

Advocate for Copyright Help us.

Copyright is the right of ownership entitled to literature, drama, music, artworks, sound recordings, etc. Copyright registration grants a bundle of rights that comprise rights to reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation, and translation of the work. Registering a Copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of ownership and enjoyment of the authors over their creations, which protects and rewards creativity.


Prima Facie Evidence

Copyright protection provides a prima facie evidence in case if the litigation arises. The proof is essential to attest to anything in the court of law; hence copyright registration is very beneficial for creators.

Public Record

When the registration of copyright is done, a definite public record is created that helps the original creator to establish his ownership over the said copyright.

Protection Extended Even After The Creators Death

Copyright’s protection is not restricted up to the original creators’ life span; its validity is longer than any other intellectual property. It is secured for the creators’ lifespan and 60 years after his/her death.

For Filing a Case For Infringement

An individual cannot sue for copyright infringement unless he/she has a registered copyright. Registration gives the copyright holder the official right to file for infringement and claim for damages.

Process for

Copyright Registration

The Copyright registration application can be made on Form IV in a requisite manner and the applicable fees. Irrespective of it is published or unpublished work, it can be copyrighted. For published work, three copies of the published work need to be presented along with the application.

While for unpublished work, a copy of the manuscript needs to be sent along with the application for affixing the stamp of the copyright office is proof of the work having been registered.

Here is the step by step process for getting copyright registration in India:


The application for copyright registration has to be filed in the concerned forms that mention the particular’s work. Depending on the type of the work, a separate copyright application may have to be filed.

Research & Brand Srategy

The applicant needs to sign the forms, and the Advocate must submit the application under the name the POA has been executed. Meanwhile, our experts will prepare the copyright registration application and submit the necessary forms with the Registrar of copyrights.


The Diary number will be issued once the application is submitted online.


Within the waiting period of 30 days, the copyright examiner reviews the application for potential objection or any other discrepancies.


If there is an objection, a notice will be issued, and the same has to be compiled within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notice. The examiner may call both parties for a hearing.

Delivery & Support

After the discrepancy has been removed or no objection, the copyright is registered, and the Copyright Office will issue the registration certificate.

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